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All You Need To Know About The Office Syndrome 

Office syndrome is not a new term. Those who spend more than the required office hours for office work are usually attacked by office syndrome. But this term has become more popular in today’s time. Amidst the deadly attack of the COVID-19, people have to work from home and the working hours have differed a lot than that of the usual time. This is because the countries are facing a severe economic crisis and it is the organizations whether private or government who have to balance the situation with the extraordinary performance of the employees. These inappropriate working hours have posed different problems for both physical as well as mental to the employees. That is why amongst them, the office syndrome and neck pain (ออฟฟิศ ซิ โดร ปวด คอ, which is also termed by the Thai people), has become common problems. Let’s know about the office syndrome in detail! 

Office Syndrome And Its Symptoms 

If you think it is a usual illness and won’t cause any severe problem to you then you are moving on the wrong path. Although office syndrome is not a major disease in the initial period, the after-effects can be dangerous and life-threatening very soon. As this is the problem where the person is responsible on his/her own and it is only the person who can get a cure from the problem. But before you get the suitable measure to get rid of the problem, you must know whether you are suffering from office syndrome or not. You can check out these symptoms in you, 

  • If you feel excessive headache or body pain all day long. 
  • If you have become irritated while communicating with others. 
  • If you have started feeling insomniac. 
  • If you have become prone to various diseases. 
  • If you are addressing chronic neck pain issues. 
  • If you feel nausea whenever get some spare time.

These are certain basic symptoms that you can check to determine whether you are a sufferer of office syndrome or not. Although office syndrome and neck pain problems are the two sides of the same coin, you can take responsible measures beforehand while working for the office from your home. You can use neck traction to support your neck while sitting for long hours to work to avoid excessive neck pain. Also, if you see any or all of these issues, you must make up your office timing. You mustn’t be working more than 55hours in a week as above this, the body starts working adversely.  


Daniel Donn