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Covid 19 Precautions for Your Pets: Israel Figa


In case you did not already, it is not just human beings who are at danger from the coronavirus. There is a risk to your pets as well and it is your responsibility to ensure that they stay safe and do not fall ill. If your pet does fall ill, you should know what is the right thing to do. All of these points will be covered in this article. Let us start by first looking into what is the best thing to do if you have pets in your home. 

In Light of Covid 19, what should you do if you have pets in your home?

If you happen to have any pets in your home, Israel Figa highly recommends that you treat them as you would treat any other member of the family to safeguard them from a likely COVID-19 serious infection.

Since there is a considerable risk that folks that have COVID-19 can spread the coronavirus to animals, it is important for owners of pets to limit their animal’s interaction with folks who are not part of their immediate household. 

  • Keep your cats indoors and make sure that you do not let them under any circumstances roam outside freely.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when you him or her and at least 5 feet away from others to safeguard them from engaging with those outside the main household.
  • It is vital that you keep away from public spots where large numbers of folks frequently gather.
  • Also, avoid putting a facial mask on pets as the mask can harm it. 

Precautions and Measures

Currently, there is no concrete evidence pointing to the fact that the coronavirus can spread to human beings from the fur, skin or the hair of pets. Do not bathe or wipe your pet with disinfectants that have chemicals in them, alcohol, or other items like hand sanitizer, wipes that people use to clean counters , or other surface or industrial cleaners. Make sure to reach out to your veterinarian if you have any queries regarding suitable products for cleaning or bathing your pet.

As per Israel Figa and medical experts, pets that are infected with this coronavirus might or might not get sick. Pets that do have some symptoms often have moderate illness that you can take care of at your home itself. If you think your pet is unwell with the coronavirus or if you have worries regarding the health of your pet, consult with your local veterinarian. Many pets that have become unwell owing to the virus that leads to COVID-19 were infected after coming into close contact with an individual with COVID-19.

Safeguard Your Pets if You are Unwell

If you are unwell from COVID-19 (either confirmed by a test or suspected), it is vital and doctors recommend as well that you avoid any interaction with your pets and any other animals, similar to how you would with humans.

  • Whenever possible, see if you can have any another member of your house take care of your pets while you are unwell and recovering
  • Avoid any kind of interaction with your animal including petting, being licked or kissed, snuggling, sharing edibles, and sleeping together in the same bed.
  • If you have no choice but to take care of your pet while you are unwell from Covid, at least wear a facial mask and regularly wash your hands after and before you engage with them.

If you are unwell from the coronavirus and your pet becomes unwell, do not go to the vet clinic yourself with your pet. The right and safe thing to do would be to call your vet and let them know you have been unwell from COVID-19. Some of the vets might provide telemedicine consultations or other tactics for seeing pets that are unwell. Your vet can assess your pet professionally and determine the next strategic steps to take for the care and treatment of your beloved pet. 



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