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Ensure healthy conditions in spa with effective sanitizer

Regardless of the reason you have installed hot tub at home such as hydrotherapy, pleasure, relaxation or other health benefits it is crucial to ensure the tub is safe for use. To maintain the visual clarity of water, fresh smell and to prevent skin diseases such as irritation, rashes and bacterial infection most of the hot tub owners use high quality, safe and effective pool sanitizers of reputable brand. A well-maintained and properly operating tub filtration can incredibly enhance the lifespan of the tub. There are various ways in which dirt, debris, dust, leaves and other redundant particles enter the hot tub hence with right spa sanitizers kill bacteria and purify the water effectively.

Choose wisely

Most of the modern sanitizers act fast, dissolve quickly and are extremely easy to use. Nowadays you can get ample of sanitizers options such as chlorine, bromine, non-chlorine or non-bromine. Chlorine sanitizer is a cost effective and kills bacteria aggressively but has unpleasant chlorine. On the other hand, bromine is odorless sanitizer that kills algae and bacteria effectively. Hence choose the right sanitizer as per your cleaning goal, preferences and budget and keep your tub ever ready for use. 

Focus on maintenance

To protect your tub from debris, dirt, leaves, droppings from birds, etc. use properly fitting spa cover. You can avoid bringing in dirt, oil, soap and other products to some extend by ensuring everyone who uses the spa takes a shower first. Balancing the hot tub chemistry is no rocket science. Use test strip and check the pH level, alkalinity and sanitizer levels before adding any chemicals. Maintain the sanitizer levels – Chlorine 1.5 – 3.0 and Bromine 3.0 – 5.0 and prevent the growth of gooey stuff on your tub.

Evaluate reputation

Nowadays most of the customers prefer to purchase spa chemicals from reliable online spa stores. Check the authenticity of the platform and ensure the platform offers wide range of products at affordable price.


Beth Hein