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Weight loss surgery and insurance

A report demonstrates that the average time from thinking about weight loss surgery to having the surgery, in reality, is 3 years. Those who want weight loss surgery in Mexico spend a lot of time reading, researching, and talking to those patients who have already experienced this kind of surgery.

Will my insurance cover weight loss surgery?

A patient can pay around $23000 for a gastric bypass Tijuana and $14500 for a lap band. Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is mainly carried out on middle to upper-class people. A majority of people thinking about bariatric surgery can’t pay $20,000 to reduce weight. However, at present, many insurance agencies are initiating to cover bariatric surgery. Let us deeply understand-will insurance pay for weight loss surgery.

Generally, insurance is the most excellent method to choose while you are thinking about surgical weight loss. But there are bariatric procedures that are not covered by insurance. In the past, mini-gastric bypasses, gastric sleeves, duodenal switches, and other procedures weren’t covered with insurance. Currently, lap bands and laparoscopic gastric bypass are usually covered by leading insurance agencies. However, it does not necessarily indicate that your insurance policy incorporates coverage.

Since lots of insurers provide some kind of bariatric surgery coverage, your personal policy info what is included and what is not, some policies particularly discard bariatric surgery. A majority of insurance agencies charge extra for incorporating bariatric surgery coverage. Hence, you’ll need to check your plan to see whether you have coverage or not. You can directly contact your insurance provider to know about this.

What if my policy does not cover bariatric surgery?

If your plan covers bariatric surgery, then you must look for a bariatric surgeon. If you do not have coverage, there are still many other alternatives; some of them are mentioned below:

  1. You can take a medical loan. Several weight loss programs operate with agencies that provide medical loans to patients who want surgery but don’t have insurance.
  2. Get a job that has loads of perks. In a few instances, it might make sense to seek a new occupation only for the perks.

Some countries have laws that want insurance agencies to cover bariatric surgery if the patient complies with the NIH health criteria. Not every insurance agency will cover the whole procedure. Some may not cover overnight hospital stays or anaesthesia.

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