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What are the Benefits Pipettors Provide?

Most people use pipettes and pipettors interchangeably since they sound more or less the same. Many also have the misconception that they both serve the same purpose. However, if you don’t work in a laboratory or clinic, you won’t be able to distinguish one from the other.

Pipettors are considered as important as pipettes when used to handle liquid samples for use in laboratories or clinics. Also known as pipette-aids or pipette controllers, pipettors are also suction devices that are used to suck liquid and transfer them into the pipette.

Different Types of Pipettors

Below are some of the different kinds of pipettors:

  • Electronic pipettor: Gives users more control of liquid handling and transfer.
  • Triple-valve pipettor: Comes with three buttons. One button will displace the air from the valve, another button will draw fluid from the pipette and the third button will expel the liquid.
  • Pipette pump: This type is used to expel siphon and liquid.

Pipettors: The Benefits of Using One

Pipettors are designed to ensure users have better control when handling small amounts of liquid before transferring them to a pipette. In some instances, it can be tricky to remove the contents of the pipette. Sometimes, it can also be difficult to move the liquid to another container.

Using a pipettor can also help ensure the risk of contamination is minimized significantly as fluids are handled separately and securely. This also prevents hand fatigue especially if it has features the ergonomic designs and electronic controls that allow the hands of the users to relax.


Daniel Donn