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5 Post-Op Care Tips After Your Hand Surgery

Your hands are essential in your daily life because you get to finish your tasks through them. But, have you ever imagined a day that you underwent hand surgery in Singapore, which disables you to use it for a week? For sure, it’ll be harder for you to adjust because you have to rest and stop working in the meantime. To lessen the adjusting period, here are the ways to make your recovery faster after hand surgery.

1. Be Mindful of the Pain

After your surgery, better not to ignore the pain you’re feeling because it indicates whether you are recovering or not. If you feel severe pain, consult a hand specialist in Singapore to know what medication you need to relieve it.

2. Have More Time to Rest

You must expect to have more downtime after your hand surgery in Singapore. Say, give yourself at least weeks or a month to recover from your surgery. Also, ask your doctor if it’s okay to get back to work or school to avoid more complications.

3. Do Therapy Exercises

Be diligent with attending your therapy exercises because they can help your hands restore their flexibility, mobility, and strength. For instance, trigger finger treatment in Singapore requires stretching exercises to maintain mobility.

4. Ready Your Plastic Bags

After your hand surgery, you’ll have an incision that will lead to openings and wounds. And if you don’t protect it, you can get an infection and worsen your injury. Your plastic bags are helpful whenever you need to cover the wounded area, especially when showering.

5. Consult Your Doctor

Don’t forget to visit your hand specialist regularly to know whether you have made progress. Your doctor will also determine if you can go back to your daily routine. However, even if you’ve recovered, remember to take care of your hands to avoid another injury.

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