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A Guide To Identifying Fake Geek Bars

Since last year, Geekvape’s disposable vapes have skyrocketed in popularity, as the Elf Bar UK. These disposable vape devices are so popular because of their beautiful simplicity and delicious flavor blends. The UK and EU are struggling to keep up with the demand for these e-cigarettes, which has resulted in a real shortage of Geek Bar disposables.

Using genuine Geek Bar disposables is important for your safety. This article covers how to differentiate the two.

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the difference between a fake and a real disposable in its packaging. Nevertheless, this can be determined by closely examining the packaging.

Here are 5 things that differentiate real geek bars from fake ones.

  1. Color and Material of packaging

Geek Bar itself appears to have the same image on the front cover. You’ll notice, however, that the boxes are different not only in the colors, but also in the finish. The original Geek Bar product box has a laminated finish. On the other hand, the fake Geek Bar box is made of cardboard and does not have a laminated finish. The real Geek Bar box is made from shiny laminate, as you can feel by running your finger over it.

Geek Bar packaging now indicates that you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase this product. Geek Bar’s new packaging now features the name of the flavour across the front of the image instead of the actual image of the flavour.

  1. The Design Of The Top Flap

On the top flap of each box of an authentic Geek Bar you will see the official orange sticker of Geek Bar Vape. On the top flap of the box, the genuine Geek Bar has the Geekvape name and logo in small font, and the fake ones have the Geek Bar name and logo in a larger font.

  1. The Bottom Flap Design

Geek Bar’s logo and name can be seen printed on the bottom flap of authentic and fake Geek Bar boxes. In contrast, the product boxes with fake logos have them reversed.

Original Geek Bars are marked with a barcode on the bottom of the flap, not with a logo.

  1. The barcode on the side

There is a slight difference between the new packaging and the older one. In addition to the barcode and packaging contents, the new Geek Bars have the iconic Geek Bar hologram on their side. Another side of the sticker includes a picture of Geek Bar’s official UK distributor (Deep Vaping UK) as well as their UK address and contact information.

  1. Box with Hologram

Both genuine and fake Geek Bar boxes have the same back. The real product, however, contains a hologram with a letter ‘G’, whereas the fake product does not.

In comparison with the fake, the authenticity label on the original packaging is luminous and shiny.

The newer Geek Bar box designs consist of a European Community Identification or a ECID number. Vape products are assigned unique identifiers called ECID numbers for regulatory purposes. Additionally, the back contains information regarding health and safety.


Daniel Donn