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About to Buy Adipex? What You Want to Know Before You Go

When I was really struggling to lose a lot of weight, I decided that it was time to get some extra support by taking a diet pill. And, I wanted a strong diet pill that would get the job done, so the best way to go, in my opinion, was to take a prescription diet pill. So, I headed to my doctor’s office to be examined, and to talk about the struggles I’d been experiencing on my slim-down journey. He recommended adipex.

Note: if you have heard of the prescription diet pill, phentermine, adipex is basically the brand name version of that.

Below is a list of things that I recommend you think about before you buy adipex. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision than I made, and avoid a lot of frustration as a result.

This Prescription Comes with the Risk of Side Effects

Like all prescriptions, diet pills from your doctor come with the risk of side effects. With adipex, there is a long list of potential side effects, and they range from mild to severe. So, even if you’re like me and you aren’t taking any other medications, and you have not been diagnosed with any other serious medical problem, definitely talk to your doctor about these side effects.

I wasn’t the type of patient that would typically end up feeling side effects when taking medications, so I just assumed that I would be fine. Unfortunately, I was wrong. After I began taking adipex, I started to experience some of the common side effects, and I was miserable as a result.

To show you what I mean, here is a list of possible adipex side effects, according to Verywell Fit:

Unpleasant taste
Dry mouth
Heart palpitations
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
High blood pressure

And, the list goes on, so this is definitely something to talk to your doctor about!

You Might Develop a Tolerance to It

Another thing you should know before you buy adipex is that you might actually develop a tolerance to it! This means that, after taking it for some time, you might notice that you aren’t getting the same benefits from it. As your body develops a tolerance to the ingredients, it won’t work as well as it should. Bummer!

You Might Even Become Addicted to It

Let’s say you don’t develop any side effects, and you don’t even develop a tolerance to adipex’s ingredients. Well, there’s still something else to think about before you buy adipex: you might become addicted to it! That’s right, another effect of adipex is dependency. Yikes! If you do decide to take adipex, only use it as directed. Also, be prepared for the possibility that your doctor might need to wean you off of it when you are ready to stop, as doing so can help you avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Pros and Cons Should Be Weighed Before You Buy Adipex

I can’t stress this enough: before you choose to buy adipex, weigh all of the pros and cons with the help of your doctor!


Beth Hein