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What is a Drug Problem- Basic Factors to know

There are a lot of factors that can influence a person to take drugs. So to avoid the trap, it is essential to understand What is a drug problem. The drug problem is a disorder of the brain that changes the chemical of the brain, hence its workings.

Drugs impact the functioning of the brain by interfering in the nerve-cell information transfer process. It also increases the level of the chemical dopamine in the brain. This increased level produces a craving for drugs in a person causing him addiction. Drug addiction is a chronic disorder but can always be treated and prevented.

Primary factors that influence to take drugs

As addiction has now become a worldwide concern, many scientists are researching it. They are finding the reason behind why some people get addicted while others even using drugs do not. So the factors that can be seen in addicted people are as follows:

  • Genetics- If your family member has been addicted to drugs or alcohol before the chances of you getting addicted also increases. This conclusion does not mean that you will get addicted necessarily, but if you choose to take drugs, you may. The researchers say that genetic can increase the risk of addiction to about 60 per cent.
  • Gender- Men and women react to drugs differently. Women use and get easily addicted to drugs, that reduces anxiety. At the same time, men use drugs like alcohol and marijuana. But if you see in a bigger scale percentage of men abusing drugs is higher than women. However, it keeps on changing with time.
  • Age- If you start using drugs at an earlier stage, then you are more likely to get addicted. This addiction is because, at the teenage, your brain has not developed fully to handle chemical change. As a result, it can make you more vulnerable as you get older. The statistics state that students are more likely to get addicted to the age of between 18 to 24.
  • Mental problems- People who have a mental issue take drugs to feel ease or experience euphoria. These people have more chances to get addicted quickly. To experience a sense of satisfaction, again and again, they start abusing it and soon become addicted.
  • Stable environment- In case if you have an environment where your parent use or abuse drugs, then you are more likely to get addicted quickly. But if the parents provide their child with a clean environment and reasonable structure, they will not abuse drugs.
  • Influence of friends- Your parents often say to stay away from ‘bad crowd’. Even if you are an adult, your friend can influence you to abuse drugs. If you have someone in your group who encourages you to use drugs, you have a higher chance of getting addicted. It is even more challenging to stay away from drugs if you are the only one not using it.


Many factors can influence the psyche of an individual. The psychology of human is unpredictable, and the addiction pattern cannot be judged. But you can always prevent it by not choosing to take drugs. Do not take drugs to kill anxiety or loneliness; instead, find a positive activity that will motivate you. If you want to know more about what is a drug problem, then click the link http://socalrehabcenter.com/ .


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