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What Should I Do if My Wife Can’t Stop Drinking?

If you’re married to a woman who can’t stop drinking, you’re about to discover that it’s going to be one of the biggest challenges of your life. There may come a time when you’ll wonder if she will ever change or your kids’ future. You may just be annoyed as to What Should you Do if your wife Can’t Stop Drinking. If so, read on for this article will suggest ways.

Here are 7 ways to help your wife who can stop drinking:

1. Sit down and have a talk

Your wife, like any other addict, probably doesn’t know how much or how often she drinks. It may shock her to learn that the man who said I do is now uncomfortable with her drinking habits. She’s likely afraid of what will happen if she continues on this path, and your conversation could be the wake-up call she needs.

2. Ask her to review her friends

Sometimes, the people we surround ourselves with can encourage our bad habits. A woman who is trying to stop drinking may need to avoid her friends that like to go out for drinks on a frequent basis. It could be good for you and your wife if she spends more time around positive people who really want her to succeed in sobriety.

3. Watch your language and avoid triggers

If your wife who can stop drinking is looking to her husband and other sober people for support, then try not to use words that could be triggering or upsetting. Effects of Drinking Alcohol on The Brain are profound. You’ll need to monitor what comes out of your mouth for the first few weeks or months. You may even go as far as to remove alcohol from your home until you can be sure it won’t trigger her drinking problems.

4.  Limit your own drinking

One of the best things you can do for your wife, who wants to stop drinking, is limit how much alcohol she intakes. Even though you may want to drink at times, she needs all of the support she can get, and you don’t want to send the wrong message by drinking in front of her.

5. Provide support and take care of your children

There will be times when your wife will need to take a break and go for a walk so she can clear her head or attend an AA meeting. You may also have to pick up the slack and provide the support needed by the kids while she’s getting things under control. You’ll have to do this in a way that doesn’t undo everything you’ve done up until this point.

6. Ask her to get help

It’s not always easy for a woman to ask for help, and in your wife’s case, it could be very difficult. She may need you and other people that really care about her to encourage her to get the addiction treatment she needs. You may also want to give her the number of an addiction counselor or alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale so she can check out the details and decide for herself.

The best thing you can do is to speak up. If your wife continues drinking, she might need professional help. Seeking the advice of a licensed therapist or counselor will be helpful in figuring out what’s going on and how to resolve it together as a team. Don’t lose hope!


Paul Petersen