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4 Widespread Misconceptions That People Believe About Cancer

We are all at least aware of cancer to a certain degree. We have learned how to fear this disease even if we don’t fully have the knowledge to understand this deadly disease. But we are at least sure to have heard it from our family, relatives, friends, radios, news, etc. Some may expect that you need to see a radiation doctor in Singapore when you have cancer. Others think that it’s already a death sentence.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about cancer:

1) Cancer is contagious

Few misconceptions are still spreading out to this day, fooling people to think that cancer is a contagious disease that can spread from person to person. In truth, even a radiation oncologist in Singapore would tell you that cancer is never a contagious disease. The only possible way you can ‘catch’ cancer from another individual is through tissue or organ transplant.

2) Mobile phones, 4G and 5G can cause cancer.

There is no existing concrete scientific study that concludes that long-term exposure to mobile phones can cause cancer. There! You don’t have to worry about thinking about the radiotherapy cost in Singapore if you’re spending a large chunk of time staring at your mobile phone. In truth, cancer is caused by abnormal genetic mutations, and phones don’t have enough ‘energy’ to cause significant damage to the gene.

3) Herbal or alternative medicine can cure cancer.

While herbal and alternative medicine is way cheaper than going to a local radiation oncologist in Singapore, alternative and herbal medicine don’t actually cure cancer. Alternative medicine is also unproven in providing any direct form of treatment for curing cancer, unlike standard medical treatment.

4) Families with no history of having cancer are risk-free. 

Not all people who have grown in a healthy family that has no medical history are completely free from cancer. Cancer can happen to anyone, both young and old. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn how to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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