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6 Symptoms of Sinus Infection You Should Check

Patients who need sinusitis treatment in Singapore are sometimes unaware that they need help. A sinus infection can result from bacterial growth in excess fluid in the sinuses. Allergic reactions, nasal congestion, and dental infections are possible causes of sinus discomfort.

Here are some symptoms to check.

1. Sinus discomfort

Sinusitis can cause facial pain, which is a typical symptom. There must be at least ten days of no improvement or worsening before it requires a quick check. Like how doctors check an ear infection in children, it often begins with the feeling of discomfort.

2. Recurring headache

Sinuses can become inflamed and swollen, resulting in a dull pressure headache. The ordinary course of mucus from the nose to the throat might be affected by an infection. It also applies to allergic rhinitis patients in Singapore that trigger their conditions because of allergies.

3. Stuffy nose

You may need to wipe your nose frequently during a sinus infection due to the hazy, green, or yellow-coloured postnasal drip. It may cause sore throat and itchiness. If this continues for more than a week, consider getting sinus treatment in Singapore.

4. Inflammation of the nasal passages

An inflamed nasal passage may cause you to find it hard to breathe. You may not be able to eat or live as well as usual due to obvious sinus problems. Stuffiness in your voice is another possibility. Make sure you get sinus treatment if this affects your daily life.

5. High fever

If you have sinusitis, you may also experience a fever, as with many other forms of viruses. An elevated temperature is an indication that the body is attempting to fight off an illness. Consider asking a doctor for sinus treatment in Singapore.

6. Coughing

Over a lengthy period, a mucus buildup from your sinuses can irritate your throat. It also works for allergic rhinitis patients in Singapore that experience recurring coughing.4

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