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Alcohol vs Fitness – Implications of Their Combined Effects You May Not Realize

Alcoholism definitely affects your health and performance. Whether you are an occasional gym goer, bodybuilding aspirant, or a sportsperson, you must understand the effects of alcohol on your performance and fitness. Alcohol is known to decrease your overall physical fitness.

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You can read on to find out how alcohol could affect your fitness goals.

1. Slows metabolism

Your liver and metabolic system treats alcohol as a toxin. When you consume alcohol, your liver works harder to neutralize it and metabolize it to remove it out of your body. This reduces your metabolism and liver functions.

2. Reduced performance and activities

Alcohol directly affects your central nervous system and its activities. It imparts dizziness, tremors, and hangover which are susceptible to reduce your ability to perform, exercise, and balance your activities.

3. Muscle growth

Testosterone is the hormone, which performs protein synthesis to stimulate muscle growth. However, alcohol consumption slows down testosterone production and reduces muscle growth. Alcohol also slows down the recovery of your torn muscles and leads to soreness.

4. Weight gain

Alcohol consumption prohibits fat digestion which leads to accumulation of fat in your body. Also, alcoholic drinks are rich in calories and contribute in increasing your body weight.

5. Dehydration

Exercise causes dehydration due to the loss of water as sweat. Furthermore, alcohol is known to increase urination which hinders your hydration process. This leads to dehydration.

6. Distorted sleep

Alcohol leads to an interrupted sleep cycle due to frequent waking for urination. A sleep deprivation reduces your energy levels which affects your performance. Also, it prohibits proper functioning of your internal functions.


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