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CBD or CBGFor Pain: Two Non-addictive Cannabinoids

We developed our interest in cannabis over the last few years, especially THC and CBD. Now CBG, another great cannabinoid, started capturing fame in the market of THC and CBD. Unlike THC, cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) do not contain any side effects. CBD and CBG both are non-intoxicating cannabis. These are aimed to decisively boast the neuro-protective, antioxidative, and some analgesic properties. To treat inflation in the neurons, the combination of CBD and CBG is being proposed as a powerful anti-inflammatory drug. These two are indeed too good at reducing pain and anxiety and increases good sleep as they make receptors immune against the pain. You must be thinking about CBG or CBD for pain.

CBG- Cannabigerol

CBG is one of the important cannabinoids among approximately 120 cannabinoids. There are not many pieces of research about CBG, but the pre-clinical researches mention that the CBG owns some considerable therapeutic value. CBG has the analgesic property more than THC and which is without getting high or without intoxication. Several other researchers put forward that CBG has some medicinal properties that can fight against cancer, desperation, and bacterial problems. Also, researches suggest that it owns some properties which can be used in the treatment of Glaucoma. CBG proved itself as an appetite stimulator in a few pieces of research.

The CBG is expensive than CBD and THC, as the cannabis plant accommodates only 1% CBG.

CBD- Cannabidiol 

CBD is also one of the important cannabinoids. CBD is mainly known for its anticonvulsant (anti-epileptic or anti-seizure) properties. CBD offers a wide range of treatments in severe childhood epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety, and sedation.

At present times, CBD has been popularized because of its wide scope of therapeutic usage. CBD has been used to recover from different kinds of addictions (like heroin and cocaine), reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (commonly known as PTSD), get a night of better sleep, and reduce nervousness and reduce depression.

Doctors suggested that taking pure CBD is safe and good at a level. Mostly CBD is present approximately 25% in a cannabis plant.

CBD and CBG together

Both CBD and CBG share many similarities in their usage and result as they both work on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Both CBD and CBG do not tweak the psychological state.

The combination of CBD, CBG, and THC gives the best therapeutic satisfaction, and this process is called the entourage effect.

Final words

CBD and CBG both have no side effects, and both can be consumed in their pure form. Unlike THC, the consumer does not feel intoxicated or dizzy. The facts mentioned above are based on a pre-clinical trial.


Clare Louise