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How to Get a V Shape Face without Surgery

The world of beauty has changed in the last decade, with people looking for natural ways to achieve their desired look. For those who have been told by friends or family members that they have a long face and want it to be more V-shaped, there are ways to do this without surgery! In this article, we will explore how you can slim down your face without going under the knife.

What is a V-shape Face?

The human face is naturally symmetric, but everyone has a slightly different shape to their face. A long and slender face with a strong jawline tends to give the impression of looking masculine, while having more fat in the cheek area gives the skin fullness that many women desire when they are younger.

The most desirable and sought after facial shape in Asian women is the ‘oval’ or ‘diamond’ shaped face. This V shape face creates a feminine, youthful appearance that draws eyes to the centre of the face rather than the sides.

Why Do People Want a V-Shape Face

Some people choose to slim down their face for cosmetic reasons, or to achieve the look of certain celebrities. This is usually done by reducing fat in the cheek area to make the face more oval shaped, meaning you can get that perfect V shape face that you have always wanted.

How to Achieve a V-Shape Face Non-Surgically

There are many ways you can change the shape of your face non-surgically. Face slimming is currently practiced by beauty salons and spas all over Asia. The first step to face slimming is choosing a qualified doctor who knows what he or she is doing, as this procedure must be done correctly to avoid any side effects such as excessive muscle fibrosis or nerve damage, which can lead to complications later on.

Available Treatments:

Jaw Slimming BTX Treatment

BTX treatments are a very popular treatment in Asia that can soften the jawline, making your face more V-shaped. BTX injections onto specific muscles on the jaw can reduce muscle movement and increase volume of fat storage, which results in softer lines and a better facial shape.   It is also the most popular anti-aging treatment, as it can reduce lines on the forehead and around the eyes, making you look younger!

Chin Filler Treatment

The best way to add volume to a thin or slender chin is by injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the chin. This will create an instant plump and fuller look, which makes your face more V-shaped. Doctors also use fillers to reduce the width of your jawline, making your face more oval shaped.

Fillers injected under and around your chin can give a more feminine look, reducing the virtual length of your face. Hyaluronic acid filler injections into the chin can also add volume to both your bottom and top lips, making your face look plumper instantly. Regular treatments are necessary for this treatment to achieve optimal results.   This procedure is great for those who don’t like needles, as it is painless and usually takes only a few minutes.

HIFU Treatment

The latest way to reshape your face without going under the knife is HIFU technology. This great new innovation in the beauty industry allows doctors to treat only fat cells in the jawline area, targeting specifically where you want results. With this method, there should be no recovery time involved and minimal pain from treatment compared to other methods such as laser treatment and liposuction.

What Can I Expect After the Treatments?

After your treatment you will most likely experience a little swelling and bruising for a day or two. This should reduce significantly within a few days, until it is barely noticeable at all. You will also be given medication to take that helps relieve any pain you may experience during recovery. Don’t scratch or rub affected areas as this may cause scabs to form prematurely, which could eventually lead to permanent scars in the long run. For some people the only thing they might feel immediately after receiving treatment is some tingling of their skin, but this should not last for long either. After your face has been slimmed down, just make sure to protect your skin from UV damage by always wearing sunscreen!


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