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IBD diet and traveling

Food plays the most crucial role while traveling. The new place you are traveling to will have an altogether new type of food, new contents, and even a new type of bacteria. Hence you need to be very health and diet-conscious to avoid falling sick during your trip. Especially if you suffer from IBD, you need to take the utmost care while traveling. Hence here are few tips for the IBD diet and traveling.

Essential tips before traveling

Before traveling, you must avoid food that has a high fiber content. Even carbonated drinks with many fizzes should be avoided so that there are no problems during the trip. It is advised to carry wind tablets to have them in case you face any kind of bowel issues during the flight.

It is also essential that you get a clear idea of what kind of food you get in the new destination and whether you are comfortable with that kind of food.

The following IBD diet and traveling must go hand in hand food habits must go hand in hand to maintain a good gut and prevent any kind of inconvenience.

  • You should strictly eat only more peeled fruits in your diet and wash them with bottled mineral water only.
  • You should carry lots of packaged drinking water, and you must use it not only for drinking but also for washing your fruits, vegetables, gargling, and brushing your teeth.
  • You must avoid raw food in hotels and restaurants as you may not know what kind of water it is washed.
  • IBD patients must avoid street food and aerated drinks at any cost as they directly affect their digestive system.

You should remain hydrated at all times to ensure that your gut remains healthy.

You should always be prepared to contact your nutrition expert before you depart for any trip. Another method of receiving nutrition is the enteral nutrition method.

In this method, you receive nutrition via tubes into your intestine or stomach directly. This does not cause any hindrance while you are traveling.

For carrying such enteral nutrition, you need to follow the steps as mentioned below,

  • You need to contact your company that delivers the feed well in advance before your trip.
  • You also need a prescription and a letter from your doctor.
  • You need to take all the necessary precautions, of keeping the charged batteries, a travel adapter, and you also need extra supplies in case of precaution.
  • You need a formal letter regarding the feed supplying device from your prescribed doctor or the feed manufacturing company at the airport. It must be a part of your hand luggage as you might need it in cases of emergency.

These were the necessary points about the IBD diet and traveling precautions.


Clare Louise