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Is it important to have a device that monitors alcohol from afar?


It is the responsibility of the employee to carry out his or her duties in a timely and correct manner, as instructed by the supervisor. It is possible to monitor and manage an employee’s behavior in a regular workplace, but what if the employee’s duties are performed remotely? Is it legal for supervisors to keep tabs on their employees’ remote work?

Remote Monitoring of Alcohol Concentrations

In Poland, attorneys have been able to work from home for many years. This form of job has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the limitations imposed by the coronavirus outbreak.

A lot of employers are worried about their workers being able to work from home in the future. Many of them are concerned that their duties will not be done in a timely manner, and they aren’t alone in their concerns. Isn’t this a compelling enough reason to maintain tabs on remote workers?

Is there a standard for monitoring remote work?

Since the employer has the right to keep track of it, this does not mean that Soberlink device work can be done in any form or at any time. It is important to remember that every employee has the right to privacy, especially when they are working from home.

In light of the location and nature of the job, the employer is compelled by law to alter the manner background checks are done. The privacy of the teleworker and his family should not be violated, nor should control activities prevent the planned usage of home rooms.

It’s not fair to expect employees who work from home to show their supervisors around the house. Control must be closely related to the duties that are being carried out in order for it to be effective.

For supervisors to properly supervise remote work, customized computer systems that are quick and easy to use should be relied on should be employed. If most of your work is done on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, installing the essential software should not be a problem. It is important to keep in mind that the employer is responsible for these costs and that this test is requested by the teleworker prior to starting the job.

Through the reviews about Soberlink device, it is feasible to do BAC remote monitoring (BAC). The Soberlink portable breathalyzer offers wireless connection, real-time facial recognition, sophisticated tamper detection, and real-time notifications. With the help of Aware Recovery Care, a company that provides in-home drug treatment, Soberlink was able to properly evaluate the impact of the Soberlink device on participant outcomes.

Attendees and the Data Collected

Data on patients’ demographics and medical outcomes were acquired as part of the study. Participants in the study were obliged to assess their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at least twice daily using the Soberlink device (BAC). Six-month experiment included 42 patients from Aware Recovery Care. It was found that 67 percent of the participants were male and that the average age was 45.


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