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Medical Conditions that could be Cured by a Podiatrist

There are various occasions when you feel discomfort in your feet. This might be caused due to various reasons. Most often people ignore such problems and treat them as normal or try to self-medicate themselves. However, the right thing in this situation would be to visit a podiatrist Wellington Florida to get checked and know about the best possible treatment and medication. A podiatrist would be able to solve your problems without any hassle and in the least painful way.

When do you need a podiatrist?

  • In grown toe nail – This is a very painful condition that many people go through. In such a situation they choose to go to some nail salon to get it removed or even on occasions try to remove it themselves. However, a wiser decision is to go to some podiatrist to get it checked. This is because the specialist would be able to give you some medicines to reduce your pain or even numb the area during the process of removing the toe nail.
  • Diabetic – If you are a diabetic, the chances of you having some kind of foot problem is high. These include infections, poor blood circulation or even nerve damage. It is advisable that you visit some podiatrist Wellington Florida at least annually to prevent any kind of serious medical condition.
  • Fungal infection – With the increase in the number of nail salons, the number of cases of nail fungal infection has also multiplied. If this condition is not treated with proper medication at the right time, there is a risk of spreading it to other toe nails as well. The nails become thick and also lose their colour.
  • Heel pain – This is a situation which can be caused due to various reasons like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel fracture and Tarsal tunnel. These are widely known as the heel pain triad.
  • Sprain or fracture – If you feel that you have sprained or fractured your foot, the first thing in your mind might be to go to some orthopaedic, however, you could easily choose to go to some podiatrist to get yourself treated. Podiatrists are well-trained to deal injuries to your ankle or foot.
  • Athlete’s foot – This is such a condition which is very often successfully treated by the use of over the counter ointments or sprays. However, if there is a recurrence of athlete’s foot, it is very important that you visit the podiatrist. The specialist would be able to give you some better medicines, be it ointment or something oral, and also take care if any infections have taken place.
  • Painful calluses – In situations when the skin on your foot thicken due to dead skin and grow painful, it is important that you visit a podiatrist. The medical expert would be able to remove any kind of thickened skin and prescribe medication if your pain increases. Solving such problems by self-medication and over the counter medication is not always the wisest thing to do because this might lead to infection which would further increase your discomfort.


It is very important that you do not ignore the situation of your feet. Do not go under the impression that having discomfort in your feet on a regular basis is normal because it is not.


Beth Hein