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Pure Water and The Ways to Have It

This acidosis is due to the way of life, and in particular to bad eating habits. Excessive consumption of meat and fish, refined sugar, sodas, refined grains, cheese, coffee, alcohol, but also tobacco and stress: all causes of acidosis.

How to restore the acid-base balance in the body?

We restore the acid-base balance by limiting of course acidifying foods, but also by favoring alkalizing foods. Green vegetables, unsweetened fruits (especially grapefruit), oil seeds, vegetable oils and certain whole grains such as millet are therefore rather alkaline.

Drinking water is also a practical and effective means of reducing the acidity of the body, on condition that it is chosen well: to have a “buffer” power with respect to acids, it must be alkaline. When you get the right alkaline water filter system in Singapore, you can expect a good acid-base balance in your body.


  • Water is made alkaline by ionization, which is why we speak of alkaline ionized water.
  • This water, whose pH is greater than 7 (up to 8.5 or 9), has both detoxifying and antioxidant action.
  • Thanks to its alkalinity, it has the ability to neutralize free radicals (released by acidifying substances), before they attack cell membranes. Alkaline water therefore slows down cellular aging.

Alkaline ionized water hydrates the body more effectively

Alkaline ionized water

In addition, ionization modifies the structure of clusters (English term meaning clusters), ie the way in which water molecules come together. Because a water molecule (H2O) is never isolated, it tends to group together with its congeners due to its polarity (a bit like magnets stick to each other). In “normal” water, these clusters have 10 to 13 H2O molecules, in alkaline ionized water, only 5. These smaller clusters are assimilated more quickly by the body, and more easily transported to the heart of the cells. The body is thus more efficiently hydrated with alkaline ionized water.

For all these reasons, alkaline ionized water is recommended by naturopaths: the ideal is to drink around 1.5 liters per day. Its taste is also sweet and pleasant, which makes it an excellent drinking water, but it can also be used for the preparation of coffee, tea, infusions, or in soups.

How do you get alkaline ionized water?

You just need to equip yourself with a water ionizer, which supplies ionized alkaline water at will, from the tap water.

It should be noted that water, whose pH is neutral (this is generally the case with tap water), naturally contains a mixture in equal proportions of H + ions and OH- ions. H + ions are acidic, OH- ions alkaline. The water ionizer works by electrolysis and makes it possible to modify the content of these ions in the water, thanks to 2 electrodes separated by a membrane. The H + ions “stick” to the negative electrode (because the opposite polarities attract each other): on the side of this electrode, the water contains fewer H + ions, so it is alkaline.

Alkaline ionized water around the world

In Japan and Korea, the ministries of health officially recommend its consumption, and it is considered one of the most effective antioxidants. Other countries, such as South Africa, the United States and Australia are taking a keen interest in ionized water, where its use is increasing in clinics. In Europe, the use of water ionizers is more recent, but is growing rapidly.


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