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Retain Your Youthful Eyes By Undergoing Eye Bag Removal Treatment

Are you troubled about having puffy eyes or have been wanting to reduce the eye bags present under your eyes? While eye bags or puffy eyes do not impact your health or vision, most people find them a cosmetic annoyance. If you desire to restore some of your youthful appearance, the good news is that there are many treatments and procedures for eye bag removal. Many creams are available that are touted to improve those issues, but to really target the underlying issues, we recommend getting the dermal filler treatment is the best non-surgical option.

Causes of eye bags under your eyes

Here are some of the reasons why people have puffy eyes, and they are as follows, 

  • Heavy salt food: Eating plenty of salty foods might cause you to retain the water and can lead to swelling. 
  • Medical condition: Certain health conditions like thyroid might make your eyes to become puffy. 
  • Allergies: Inflammation and congestion made from allergies could sometime intensify the eye lid heaviness. 
  • Aging process: Loss of firmness either in the muscle or in the skin, which might give an eye puffiness. 
  • Genetics: Having the eye bags might be a characteristic that runs in your gene, which is your family. 

Medical solutions available for under-eye bags

When you feel fed-up with the eye bags, you will have a variety of medical procedures for eye bag removal. In case if you are in need of going under any medical treatment, you should first consult with a certified doctor, allow them to do a thorough assessment, and allow them to suggest the most appropriate solution based on your medical condition, age, and more. Here are some of the medical options available:

  • Fillers: This treatment is done by injecting a filler material such as hyaluronic acid at specific points under your eyes. The specialist doctor will perform the dermal filler treatment in a clinic under minimal local anesthesia. The procedure is relatively painless and hassle-free. The result will last up to six to eighteen months. 
  • Chemical peel: The procedure will also treat the under-eye skin, and it is done by removing superficial top layers of the skin. A chemical solution allow the old skin cells to peel off, revealing the underlying new skin cells. This procedure allows the individual to achieve brighter and tighter skin. Repeated treatments at regular intervals are recommended to maintain the result.
  • Laser resurfacing: It will be done using a laser in order to remove the top layer of the skin present under your eyes. In addition, laser resurfacing will help in stimulating the growth of new collagen in the skin. So, you can get firmer skin. The result of this treatment might last over a year or longer. 

Importance of the post-procedure care

After the procedure, you will need to take care of your eyes as well as surrounding skin. Good aftercare treatment can translate to good longstanding results. The doctors will suggest you the best skin recovery products to use post-surgery. 


If you are planningto undergo an eye bag removal treatment, you should look for certified and professional doctors. Choose a reputable clinic or hospital in your local area. The cost involved may not be cheap, but you will find that it is worth the investment. 


Paul Petersen