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Signs to Check Whether You Are Dating a Sex Addict or not

Just like any other form of addiction, sex addiction is also one of the most complicated addiction attributes that are hard to diagnose and treat. It is when a person’s life is dominated by the surrounding thought of sex or planning to have sex. The person may not feel that they need help with sex addiction, but the ones associated with them will indeed find it terrible.

So, if you are looking for some signs to check whether you are dating a sex addict or not, then this article will list all the common symptoms sex addicts usually show up.

Romance Junkie

During the beginning of your relationship, you will find them romantic, sexual, and passionate. They will engage you with their moves so that they can check how far they can get with you. Slowly they will start invading your personal space and right from the first encounter. This all will happen when you do not even expect to get intimate so quickly.

Preoccupied With Sex

Most of the sex addicts will be engrossed in their own thoughts. They will be fantasizing or thinking about sex and sex material all the time. For them, sex becomes the first priority, and everything comes after sex. When it comes to sex, they will always have an exaggerated reaction than in other situations.

Indulged in many relationships

If you have heard their stories of dating multiple dates all over their life and there was not even a month, they were single, then sex addiction might be the reason. If a guy has jumped from one relationship to another, cheating on girls, this could be due to the urge to have sex with different girls.

Lack of Character

In order to keep their sex addiction secret safe from our world, they will present themselves very decently to the exterior world. However, the moment you enter their personal world, you will see the change in behavior and lack of integrity. Sex addicts generally live a double life and are narcissistic. One of the best ways to protect yourself from getting heartbreak is to look out for these signs to recognize whether you are dating a sex addict or not. If you want to learn more about How to overcome sexual addiction, you can contact different clinics and rehab centers to help such individuals.


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