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Six Essential Things That Every Cannabis Plant Needs

As the legalization of cannabis keeps growing throughout the states, more and more people are starting to join the pot-growing ring. However, being a beginner in the cannabis industry, you may be a bit intimidated or even perplexed on how to begin. And as every other grower has his/her own version of growing the plant, getting confused is normal.

So, to offer you the right assistance, we are filling this blog with a few tips that may prove handy.

What does my cannabis plant require?

Now that you have finally bought your LSD seeds from a renowned seed bank start by knowing what the particular plant likes. Typically, every strain has its preferred growing needs; for instance, some cannabis plants prefer warmer temperatures while others like hotter or colder climates. Some strains may be more vulnerable to mold than others. So, it is better to know what your cannabis strain needs.

Besides, every cannabis plant will thrive on essentials like:

1- Light:

Similar to any other plant, your cannabis plant will require sunlight, in fact, more than the normal plant. It is recommended that your plant receives at least eight hours of direct sunlight.

So, if your area experiences less sunlight, then it is better to keep the plants indoors. This way, you can use compact fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs, or Ceramic metal halide (CMH) lights to produce the required levels of UV light.

2- Material to grow in:

Beginners may think that soil is the only material that is required for growing the plant. Well, cannabis cultivation can be done using various other materials too. For instance, hydroponic systems have gained recent popularity among growers. This system has an aquatic environment in which nutrients feed the plant and substrates provide support to the roots.

When the hydroponic system is combined with CMH or LED lights, you can expect a big yield and faster growth.

3- Vital nutrients:

Based on what system you are using for the plant to grow, you may need equivalent nutrients too. For instance, if you are using soil to grow the plant, then add nutrients that are made for the soil around the flowering stage because cannabis plants are heavy feeders during this period.

Likewise, pair the hydroponic system with nutrients specific for hydroponics.

4- Proper temperature:

For successful cultivation, you must keep the plants in the proper temperature range. For instance, young cannabis like to be in warm temperatures in the range of 70-85°F (20-30°C). At the flowering stage, you may want to change the temperature a bit colder at the range of 65-80°F (18-26°C).

Also, if you are growing indoors, your light may provide heat, hindering the needed temperature.

5- Water:

Your cannabis plant will require enough water to survive. Even though tap water may work just fine based on your location, but it is better to use filtered water. This is because tap water may contain dissolved minerals that can impact the roots’ capability to intake nutrients. Or may have fungus or other pathogens, resulting in root disease. Likewise, tap water with high chlorine or high/low Ph level can impact the plant’s growth.

6- Air:

The place where you grow the cannabis should be well-ventilated for good air exchange. For outdoors growers, there is not much to worry about. But as an indoor grower, you must install an exhaust fan to decrease warm air and filter air inlet to draw in the fresh air. Use a circulating fan to main a constant light breeze in the growing area.

Over to you

Besides these essential things, your cannabis plant will also need constant monitoring to avoid all the barriers that may arise before cultivation.


Beth Hein