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Treating Hair Loss: How Mesotherapy can Help

Hair loss is the number one concern among men and women. Unfortunately, no amount of hair loss treatments or shampoos can provide the best relief to the thinning areas on your scalp if the needs of your hair are not met. That is why you must understand the causes behind your hair fall and get professional treatment from places like Clinique Anti Aging to see visible results. This article provides information on the common kinds of hair loss and how mesotherapy can efficiently treat hair loss:

Kinds of Hair Loss

Hair loss can cause bald spot sand thinning areas on the scalp. Its cause is quite general and may include chronic stress, genetics, pregnancy, or hormonal imbalance. Here are the common kinds of hair loss;

  • Female pattern baldness. Also called androgenetic alopecia, female pattern baldness is caused by genetic factors. It is due to the increased production of androgen hormones that may trigger weakened hair follicles and thinning areas around the temples an the head’s crown, resulting in receding hairline. 
  • Involutional alopecia. This a type of hair loss experienced by aging people. For those above the age of 50, there is a shortened period in between a typical hair cycle from its growth to its shredding stage. Although new hair may grow, it is at a lower rate, while hair fall takes place faster and longer, causing the formation of thinning areas on the scalp.
  • Traction alopecia.  This hair loss is due to tight hairdos like braids, buns, or ponytails. Pulling the hair can weaken hair follicles and cause hair breakages over time. 

How Mesotherapy Works for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy is a procedure that relies on needles to deliver potent ingredients to the mesoderm, offering active nutrients straight to the hair follicle. 

During the procedure, nutrient-rich fluid is injected into the mesoderm of the head where there is baldness. It is performed using a mesotherapy gun that has a sterile needle. The time it takes to perform this depends on the seriousness of the patient’s balding condition. Often, it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour for every mesotherapy session to get over. 


Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy promotes scale rejuvenation and hair growth. It directly targets the hair follicles in the skin, giving a clear administration route to address the root of hair issues.

Moreover, mesotherapy or micro-needling also improves scalp immunity. The scalp is the skin layers that have more keratinocytes and growth factors that help grow longer thicker, fuller hair on the head. It also effectively minimises the risk of scalp inflammation through the therapeutic treatment of the scalp, keeping a healthy environment for hair growth. 


Beth Hein