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3 Conditions That An ENT Doctor In Singapore Treats

An ENT doctor in Singapore belongs to the field of medicine called otolaryngology. Otolaryngologists focus on handling, diagnosing, and treating disorders found only on your head and neck. The ears, nose, and throat are the main parts that ENT doctors look into, but they also check on your neck’s skin and soft tissues. This goes to show that these doctors are able to treat a wide variety of conditions that are related to these specific body parts. When you start to get concerned about the feeling coming from a part of your head or neck, an ENT specialist might be exactly what you’re looking for. To better grasp what this kind of doctor can do for you, here is a short list of conditions they can treat.

1. Thyroid Lumps

Thyroid lumps refer to the disorder where the thyroid gland that sits in front of the trachea gains an unusual growth. They either come in the form of solid or fluid-filled lumps growing within the thyroid. Although they often do not cause any symptoms, a small percentage of them are found to be possibly cancerous. At a large size, mild symptoms such as having difficulty swallowing, struggling to breathe properly, and feeling pain at the base of your neck can be experienced by the patient. Treatments vary depending on the size of the lumps and whether it’s cancerous. Singapore has thyroid surgery available in their ENT treatments if the node is too big.

2. Chronic Ear Infections

Aside from thyroid lumps in Singapore, chronic ear infections are also something within the capabilities of an ENT specialist. This condition is an infection that occurs in the air-filled space behind the eardrum. They are often found in kids who are six months to two years old due to the size and shape of their middle ears and eustachian tubes. However, it is also possible to get this infection from other illnesses that cause congestion and swelling. When an individual gets an ear infection, it can affect their ability to hear and also give them headaches, loss of balance, and fevers. Ear tubes are the most commonly known treatments for chronic ear infections.

3. Chronic Stuffy Nose

Sinusitis happens when your sinuses are inflamed and swollen. This condition will either make it difficult for people to breathe, cause a discoloured discharge to come out of the nose, or feel a strange tenderness around the eyes. Since the swelling would interfere with mucus draining and making your nose stuffy, many struggles involving your sinuses occur. An ENT specialist doctor in Singapore can help determine the treatment needed to ease the symptoms, varying from prescribed antibiotics, surgery, or medication.

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