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Cheek Implants And What To Expect

Have you ever heard about cheek augmentation surgery? Well, it is designed to give you fuller cheeks, or fill out the sunken cheeks. Of course, the outcome you can achieve all depends on what you would prefer, and that is why it is important to talk to your doctor

But first, you should find a reputable doctor, and if you are interested you can check out the effective cheek implants Sydney at Dr Hodgkinson. Scheduling a consultation and having a good chat with your doctor is essential for the surgery to go well!

Talk to your doctor about the surgery

What is cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is a surgery done usually with cheek implants, but it can also be done with different methods. It is designed to fill out your cheeks as well as make your facial contours compliment your appearance more. It can restore the volume to your cheeks or give you symmetry in case you had reconstructive surgery for cancer, or you fractured your cheekbone.

Good and bad sides

As we all know, each surgery has pros and cons. The pros of having cheek implant surgery is obviously the look, and the overall feeling it would give you. When cheek implants are done properly, they will look natural, and be correctly sized. Each implant is custom-made to fit each individual perfectly, and it could also help you with the sagging ‘jowls’.

There are a lot more risks when it comes to injectable cheek augmentation procedure, such as when it is treated with fat or fillers that could be injected. This is also a very big surgery, and after a week of rest, you will still have two weeks of bruising and swelling. You might also experience asymmetry or infection, so make sue to find a good doctor to perform the surgery!

Schedule a consultation

If you are interested in this surgery, you should start with scheduling a consultation. You can check out chin augmentation in Sydney performed by Dr Hodgkinson, or you can search for a local doctor instead. The chin augmentation surgery is a big one, and thus you need to make sure to choose a reputable doctor and a good clinic.

You should also learn more about how the procedure is done, how to prepare and other things you should know. In some cases your doctor will tell you to change some lifestyle tendencies, such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol. But this all varies depending on the plastic or cosmetic surgery you are interested in to begin with.

The results can be amazing!

Final word

As you can see, a lot of things need to be considered when talking about plastic surgery, as it is important for the patient to know more about the surgery, how it is done and what they can expect. So if you are interested in learning more about this surgery, you can always do your own research, or you can simply talk to your doctor about the procedure!


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