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Double Eyelid Surgery: The Process, Recovery Time and Final Results

The process involving the creation of creases on the upper eyelid of someone who isn’t blessed with one or of someone whose double eyelid isn’t properly defined is called the Asian blepharoplasty or the double eyelid surgery. For those having double thoughts on whether or not to take the double eyelid surgery, eyes without crease results in the folding of the eyelid skin just above your lash line, hence resulting in your eyes look smaller.

When the upper lid from the monolid is divided into two fragments, the eyes look bigger and more defined. This surgery, through the elimination of additional fat and skin, can prove effective in removing the puffiness and fatigue look from your eyes.

Double Eyelid Surgery-The Most Sought-After Cosmetic Procedure

Here are some of the reasons why a lot of Asians prefer going under the knife for double eyelid surgery.

  • With the newly created creased on your eyelids, you can disguise the scars easily.
  • The surgery helps lift your sagging eyelids, besides creating an eyelid crease on your upper lids.
  • Upon the crease being created, you can have a better platform for both your eyeliner application and for eye shadow application. The surgery can contribute to making your lashes appear longer, given how the crease-less lids can overhand the eyelashes and make them look shorter.

Double Eyelid Surgery?

Your doctor will sit and understand what look you dream of achieving. He will then explain to you the various surgical complications, after monitoring your anatomy. The better understanding you have about your anatomy, the more useful it gets in chalking out the surgical procedure. Since there are various upper-lid creases available, you can choose one as per your cultural preferences.

Make Way for A Smoother Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure

You can provide photos to your surgeon, to help him understand what you want. This can be effective, especially if you have similar features with the person in the photograph. The surgeon on the day of surgery will mark the ideal places on your upper lid using a pen for a naturally appearing crease. You might be administered with local anaesthesia, so you are at comfort. 

The Recovery for Double Eyelid Surgery

The recovery for double eyelid surgery is based on which procedure your doctor uses.

  • To cure suture-only procedure which causes mild-swelling for about 2-3 days, consider applying light ice packs frequently to reduce and offer comfort.
  • The open surgery procedure might include noticeable sutures and swelling that get better within 2 weeks to 6 months for complete healing. You can use light makeup to disguise the healing. 

Can Double Eyelid Surgery Give Desired Results?

You can see results from double eyelid surgery within 3 weeks. However, the changes take place gradually over three months. Always remember, that the swelling would result in turning your crease higher in appearance. The crease will get back to its normal position after the swelling comes down.

The cost of a double eyelid (ตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai) is based on the experience and popularity of your surgeon. The surgery demands an in-depth on Asian-eyelid anatomy, so always seek advice, consultancy, and details from a highly-renowned surgeon in the city.


Beth Hein