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Pros And Cons Of Invisible Aligners

One of the hottest dental braces in Singapore today is the invisible aligners. What makes these orthodontic braces different is their appearance– they are practically invisible.

Invisible braces in Singapore are custom-made transparent mouthpieces made of plastic material. Unlike traditional braces, like Damon self ligating braces, invisible aligners do not use wires and brackets and are removable.

Here are the pros and cons of invisible braces in Singapore:

PRO: Transparent

Bulky and ugly appearance are the drawbacks of traditional dental braces in Singapore.

Invisible aligners lack these wires and brackets and are made of transparent high-grade plastics. They are almost invisible to the naked eye.

CON: Limited treatment

Unlike other traditional braces, invisible braces in Singapore cannot treat severe dental and orthodontic issues, including overbites.

But they are effective on crowded teeth and misalignment.

PRO: Easy to clean your teeth

It is challenging to brush, floss, and remove food debris trapped between your teeth and braces.

Invisible aligners in Singapore are removable. You can take them off before brushing and flossing your teeth.

CON: Food limitations

The golden rule for invisible aligners wearers is never to eat or drink with your Invisalign on, except for drinking water. The colours of the food and drink could stain your clear invisible aligners. Food debris trapped inside your aligners encourages cavity and bacteria buildup.

Remove your invisible aligners first before eating and drinking.

PRO: Comfortable

Apart from the confidence to smile more, invisible aligners are more comfortable than traditional dental braces in Singapore. They don’t nick your tongue, gums, and inner cheek. There are no risks of snapping wires as well.

CON: Requires discipline

Since invisible braces in Singapore are removable, it can be tempting not to wear them all day. But if you want the best and fastest results, you should wear them 22 hours a day; otherwise, your treatment extends longer.

Weigh the pros and cons of invisible aligners in Singapore to determine if they are worth it.

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Ronny Watson