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Dying To Get Balayage Hair? Take Note Of These 8 Balayage Ideas To Try Before 2023!

Every new year, women visit a hair salon to get a more refreshed look. The two-toned hair craze has been going wild these days. Many women have been dying to get a balayage in Singapore. When you spot someone in the metro, going out of a hair salon, or a random lady casually strolling across the city with two-toned hair strands that do not even look like foil highlights or ombré colouring, they probably had balayage hair service.

Got eager to try balayage in Singapore? If you are considering trying the balayage hair craze, you have come to the right place. Keep scrolling for some of the best balayage colours you should consider trying before welcoming 2023 with a pleasing hair look!


Many salons nowadays perform balayage services in Singapore. There has been a wide spike in the shades available nowadays. Be it ash balayage, blonde, pink, honey, or muted colours! You name it! However, the white-blonde balayage hair colour will always be a classic! Its colour results in a glossy, pretty shade.


Of all the variations, honey-blonde balayage in Singapore has got to be the go-to choice for most ladies. There is something undeniably pleasing about warm, honey-bleached strands. This shade is best with long, beach-wave hair.


Bright blonde balayage hair is the ultimate combination of white lengths, warm roots, and neutral-coloured highlights, perfect for strutting your way in summer!


If you are after something funky, pastel, and cute, consider asking your colourist for a strawberry-blonde balayage in Singapore. This shade can give your hair a fresh look of creamy, strawberry blonde locks while ensuring your natural hair colour still shows.


Ash blonde balayage in Singapore and globally has become a massive hit! It has the perfect combination of light and dark. The ash blonde colour also makes a stunning hair look for everyone, especially ones who are not ready to commit to blonde yet.


Yup, brunettes can get in on the balayage hair trend! This shade can give your hair a soft yet subtle blonde tint that blends impeccably with your natural brown hair.


Another good balayage idea in Singapore is the stunning contrast between dark and blonde. You may ask your colourist to keep the roots dark and add blonde highlights. A good mix for this shade is honey blonde, muted browns, and black tones.


One good way to incorporate light and balayage in your dark hair is the soft blonde balayage in Singapore, giving you tiny strokes and swipes of dark blonde.

This colouring technique and its soft, well-blended highlights and natural-looking roots can make every woman want to run to a salon, change their entire look immediately, and get a balayage in Singapore. Balayage hair is a tedious task to DIY, meaning you need an expert to paint strips and bleach your hair professionally.

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