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Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Treatment – 4 Simple Ways You Can Treat Them 

Tennis and golfer’s elbow are common conditions among athletes that perform a sports activity that involves the use of hands. Overuse and trauma are among the common reasons. The lack of proper warmup is also among the frequent risk factors. If you experience pain while clenching (or extending) your finger, you might need to look for golfers or tennis elbow treatment in Singapore. Tennis and golfer’s elbows might sound like a single condition. However, there’s a difference between both, where tennis elbow is an inflammation on the outer elbow. On the other hand, the golfer’s elbow is at the end of the inner elbow. Nevertheless, both cause severe discomfort and pain. Without further ado, here are tips for treating both conditions:

Take a rest

Resting is a simple yet effective approach to treat both conditions (in a similar fashion to treating common athlete injuries and conditions (such as knee pain in Singapore), which can help you achieve faster recovery. Put yourself out of the game and from doing repetitive activities to avoid overuse of tendons, which are the common cause of golfer’s and tennis elbow. Returning to the game too soon may worsen your condition. Hence taking a period of rest is a must.

Using an ice pack

An ice pack is another simple treatment approach against these two common conditions. What makes an ice pack an ideal treatment you can do at home is its ability to reduce the pain and inflammation in the affected area. However, ensure to use fabric buffers to safeguard your skin from ice.

Stretch and strengthening exercises

Another tennis and golfers elbow treatment you can do on your own at home is to perform stretch and strengthening exercises. Such exercises are excellent physical therapy for helping strengthen tendons and joints, which lessens the risk of injuries and developing conditions. However, it’s a must to consult a doctor first for suggested exercises before doing them on your own.

Using a brace or splint

Braces and splints are other options that a doctor may recommend for patients for treating either two of the conditions. Using braces is also effective for other conditions if you are looking for osteoarthritis or plantar fasciitis treatment in Singapore. Nonetheless, you need to visit a doctor for a proper recommendation to ensure that you are getting the right one to help counterforce the balance that affects muscle and tendon strain. If you are looking for an osteopathy treatment or cryotherapy in Singapore, visit Orchard Health Clinic for more info.


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