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The Most Common Types of Treatment for Your Child’s Bunions

As many as one-fourth of the population can experience bunions, also known as hallux valgus. This term refers to a condition where the base joint of your big toe becomes enlarged, swelling and pushing the tip of your toe towards the other toes. While bunions are oftentimes just a convenience, and your orthopaedic doctor in Singapore will prescribe ways to slow down its growth, in some cases they can become painful.

This condition is more common in older people, but what if it happens in children? Bunions in children can be very much different than those in adults. Children and teenagers with bunions often have skeletal or structural issues that cause the tip of the big toe to lean in towards the other toes.

Treating children’s bunions

Bunion surgery in Singapore is not recommended in most children or teenagers’ cases. So how can you help your child who has bunions? Here is how bunions in children should be managed.

1. Changing your child’s shoes.

Having tight shoes that press against your child’s bunions can cause them pain and further worsening of the condition. Making sure that the ball of the child’s foot can fit into the wide part of the foot is important.

2. Cushion their foot.

A foot and ankle specialist in Singapore can be able to tell you the right protection your child needs to prevent shoes from rubing against bunions and causing discomfort. Bunion pads and other supplies can be bought from pharmacies.

3. Ask a doctor about custom orthotics.

 If your child is suffering from uneven walking or foot pains, ask an orthopaedist about custom shoe inserts and other orthotics. These devices may be most helpful for children.

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