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When should you see a physiotherapist? Find here!

Most of us don’t think of physical therapy, unless a physician recommends the same. No matter whether you are recovering from an injury, or need to reduce back pain that doesn’t seem to get better, a physiotherapist can help. Besides accelerating the process of healing, physical therapy is also handy for overall wellness & heath. If you are in Quebec, you can check for clinics like Integral Performance Physio that offer all sorts of healing & alternative therapies, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and osteopathy. So, when should you ideally see a physiotherapist? In this post, we are discussing a few symptoms. 

  1. When your pain doesn’t seem to subside after 10 days. If you have back pain, or specific kind of pain that doesn’t seem to get better even with rest and a couple of painkillers, you may have to see a physiotherapist to know the possible source of the problem. 
  2. When you have mobility issues. If a certain injury or an unexpected move has impacted your ability or move your body, seeing a physiotherapist may help. With proper diagnosis, you can expect to heal rather quickly. 
  3. When there is an issue with localized pain. If you have lost stability or cannot control a part of your body like before, you may want to check if there is an underlying cause that needs attention. 
  4. When you have muscular stiffness and tension. For many people muscular stiffness & pain, and tension in tissues are related to their lifestyle, but this is not a problem to ignore. Consider seeing a physiotherapist to know if a particular form of physical therapy can help. 
  5. When you have an unexpected injury. Sprained your ankle? Suffered an unexpected whiplash? You may want to see a physiotherapist to know more. Most of the time, physical therapy relies on manual and hands-on approach and guided exercise that can offer immediate relief. 

For people who have been planning to get back to an active lifestyle, or sports, meeting an expert for physical therapy may come in handy for avoiding unwanted injuries. Following a surgery or accident, your physician may require you to see a physiotherapist, so that you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Final word

While the techniques are same, an experienced physiotherapist may have a different approach for each case and patient, and as needed, they may even recommend seeing osteopath or massage therapist, to accelerate healing. 


Daniel Donn