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Instructions for Cleaning Your Spa Filter

Every few days, particularly when your hot tub is obtaining a lot of usages, you’ll intend to do a visual as well as a chemical check of your hot tub. This consists of:

Inspecting the water for any kind of cloudiness, discoloration, or dirt on top.

Utilizing screening strips to determine the chemical levels in your water as well as which chemicals to adapt to keep your water disinfected. You will be required to evaluate alkalinity, chlorine or bromine, calcium hardness, as well as lastly the pH levels. Make certain to space around two hours for every chemical you contribute to the water. It is going to permit each chemical to readjust while staying clear of negative reactions of chemicals correctly.

  • After a Month:

It is an excellent suggestion to clean out the hot tub filters at the very least once a month. You need to remove it from the jacuzzi as well as make use of filter cleaning products to launch particles, dirt, as well as undesirable chemicals from the filter. It assists in utilizing two filters, changing them every month, which allows time to clean one filter while one more is in use. This will maintain both your filters lasting longer and your water cleaner.

  • Every 4 to 6 Months:

Depending on how much you utilize your jacuzzi, you’ll wish to drain it every 4 to 6 months. We advise four months for any individual utilizing their hot tub two or even more times a week. If you’re utilizing it less, you may wait a little bit longer to drain. When drained pipes, check each jet as well as components of interior shell for damages or development of crud as well as dust. Utilize a safe, manufacturer-approved, indoor shell cleaner to eliminate undesirable oil, dirt, as well as gunk.

  • Once a Year:

It is recommended that, at least once in a year, when you plan to drain your hot tub, ask for an upkeep check from a service technician. Similar to taking your auto into the look for a routine checkup, having your jacuzzi took a look at yearly can aid in avoiding future problems that can significantly harm systems and stop your hot tub from functioning correctly.


Beth Hein